Bearings & Expansion Joints

Details of OVM Elastomeric Bearings are available in this link

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Details of OVM Expansion Joints are available in this link

OVM is specialized in manufacturing rubber products for engineering purposes. These products include: Bearings, Expansion Joints, and Dampers- which are widely applied in highways, railway bridges, city viaducts, nuclear facilities, and buildings.

OVM has established a Quality Management System, which has certified OVM with ISO 9001:2008 in 1995 and BSI in 1996. OVM is the only Chinese company in the field to possess both certificates. In 2001 OVM was awarded with the CE certificate for Elastomeric, Pot, and Spherical bearings. Our products comply with both Chinese and International standards such as: AASHTO, EN, BS, JIS.

In an effort to remain at the forefront of the industry, OVM R&D cooperates with Huazhong University, Tongji University, Planning & Design Institute under the Ministry of Communications, Science Research Institute under the Ministry of Railway, and the Shanghai Municipal Civil Design Institute.

Our Products include:

-Elastomeric bearings

-Pot bearings

-Spherical bearings

-Rubber expansion joints

-Steel expansion joints