Post-tensioning System

Details of OVM Post-tensioning System is available in this link

With more than 50 years of experience in the field, OVM has evolved into a leading product supplier and specialist contractor worldwide in the field of Post-tensioning and other specialized construction techniques. OVM technology and products have been applied and integrated into a multitude of projects including: buildings, bridges, highways, high-speed railways, dams, nuclear power plants- receiving worldwide acknowledgement.

OVM invests from its annual turnover into technical R&D to remain at the forefront of the industry. The company owns a national technology center and a postdoctoral research workstation and maintains close relationships with numerous universities and institutions across China; this effort has led to OVM registering many technical patents.

The company focuses on developing top of the line Post-tensioning technology while building renowned brand in the field of civil engineering. As the largest supplier in China, OVM carries a large selection of Post-tensioning systems which include, but are not limited to: Post tensioning systems, Cable systems (MS & PWS Cables), and Construction solutions (incremental launching, turning, and heavy lifting)

OVM product excellence is certified by the ISO9001-2008, Quality Management System by BSI, and CQC. Additionally, our products satisfy all major standards such as AASHTO, ASTM, BS, EN, ETA, FIP, GB, JIS, and PTI. Moreover, OVM conducts extensive testing with international independent testing organizations to further improve its products at the technical level.